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School is great   
08:58pm 16/07/2004
  Wow it's still only my first day, but already i love it here! But that Amarant guy.. why did he cover me in milkshake? He and Reno have a pretty intriguing past. Seems as though they are previous enemies. I certainly don't like that guy. When i slapped him it was as if he didn't even feel it! and it seemed that he took some sadistic pleasure in what he did to me.

As I spend more time with Reno, i like him more. There's more to him than that sexy six pack, and i want to find out what... if he'll let me
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08:53pm 14/07/2004
  A Rave! How fun. Paine is too cool. I just hope Reno accepts my offer and comes too. And that he brings his roommate, so Paine will be ok, if me and Reno get.. But anyway! I wonder if his Roommate is as cute as he is. It will be interesting to see  
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08:51pm 13/07/2004
  Wow! School is looking fun already! My roommate is really kewl, and i've already met a sexy guy. He's called Reno... Reno... he has a six pack.. yummy! I don't want lessons to start...  
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