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tifachan's Journal

Tifa Lockhart
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Tifa is a warm bubbly girl, who can sometimes be described as a bit of a bitch. It's not that she deliberately goes out to hurt people, she just says what she thinks, and doesn't consider the consecuences. Because of this, and because of her figure, she is extremely thin, with big breasts, she has never really gotten on all that well with girls in the past. She has the reputation of a slut which is completely not true.

She is a new student at the school, and she knows no one. When she does meet people. she is very mysterious, not telling anyone about her past. she is extremely skilled in martial arts, as she has been taught it since she was 5. She hopes to get on with everyone at the school, and that is the reason she is hiding her past.

She has large red eyes, big breasts and thin body, as mentioned before, really long black hair that she likes to experiment with, and she dresses really girlie like.

Schedule: Biology, Magic II, Psychology, Weapon skills, Music, cooking, monster studies